Effective April 1, 2020

These regulations are intended to assist in the conduct of national competitions.

Regions may adopt these regulations for use within their jurisdictions if they choose to do so including the sole responsibility for the administration thereof.

These regulations are a guide to further general safety and in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others.

No express or implied warranties of safety or fitness for a particular purpose shall be intended or result from publication of or compliance with these Regulations.

The contents of this document are copyright may be reproduced only with permission in writing from The Regions: ARMS, ASQ, CASA-OR, WCMA, CACC

Go-karts are not allowed in SoloSport competitions.

2020 CNSR – General Competition Regulations  

2020 RNCS – Règlements généraux de compétition

2020 CNSR – TimeAttack Regulations

2020 CNSR – Lapping 


2020 CNSR – AutoSlalom Regulations

2020 CNSR – Appendix A – SCCA Vehicle Classes

2020 CNSR – Appendix B – SCCA Supplemental Classes

2020 CNSR – Appendix C & D – Roll over protection

2020 CNSR – Appendix E – SCCA Class Prep Rules

2020 CNSR – Appendix F – SCCA Rule Clarifications

2020 CNSR – Appendix G – SCCA Rules referring to CNSR rules

2020 CNSR – Appendix H – SCCA Pax

2020 CNSR – Appendix J – Class Bumping Order

2020 CNSR – Appendix K – CAC Champions

2020 CNSR – Appendix L – CNSC Contacts

2020 CNSR – Appendix M – Heritage Classic Class

2020 CNSR – Appendix N – SCCA Xtreme Street Class

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